Dire Warning

My spiritual encounter that we all need to know about. This story goes back to the middle of last year. I will list out the occurrences leading up to my experience yesterday.

Back in the summer months, I had what I have been calling a spiritual crisis. All of a sudden I felt all alone, as if God had stepped away from me. I was distraught, scared and lost, and tried so hard to understand why he would leave me. It was such a strong overwhelming feeling, that I could not ignore it. My entire life I was certain that God was right there watching over me, protecting me. I knew him. And when he stepped away, I had to find out why. Through much soul searching, I could only come to the Ten Commandments. I try to live most of them. The only one I knew for sure I wasn’t following was the Sabbath (Saturday) commandment. I didn’t know what the big deal was about keeping the Sabbath, as long as we went to church or prayed regularly, why should the day matter. I’m talking about the Sabbath God gave us, not the Sabbath the Roman Empire handed over to the Catholic church. The Roman Empire Sabbath was declared to be Sunday.

God never authorized this change to the Sabbath.  

God’s Sabbath Day is Still Saturday

People This Is Critical

So while trying to get the answer, I consulted my nephew, Christopher. He has the word of God in him and an extensive knowledge of the Biblical teachings. I asked him if he knew why the Saturday Sabbath was so darn important, he said “I think as long as you set aside one day a week for God”….When he was saying this, I heard a big booming voice in the back of my head, it said “NOOOO” then I looked up, to the place where I see my visions, I saw the most brilliant sight, It had to be Christ sitting on his throne. In his lap was a bible, it was opened. Everything in this vision was majestic, glowing with incredible white light, I knew immediately that Christ Himself was our minister on Saturday. Every Saturday he shows up for us to worship with him, and we don’t bother to show up for him. I felt his enormous sorrow. I promised him that I would do my part from this point forward to show up. And I have, every Saturday, I make a point to at least get in minimal prayer time, I try to keep him on my mind throughout the day, and always give thanks for my blessings. During this prayer time, I am touched by the Holy Spirit and tears freely run down my face. When this happens you know without a doubt, that you are in the presence of the Holy Spirit.

I feel him around me, in me and through me. I cannot explain the depth of what I feel. So completely engulfing me. I know the truth. He lives. He wants us to come to him freely.  With our whole heart.


But let me continue, we all know I have a compromised immune system, so I have literally been a hermit for the past two months trying to avoid the plague. I went to the grocery store once, and was excessively overly cautious. With my husband working for a pharmaceutical co., we have been taking extra precautions at home. Yet I developed symptoms. So the day that my test was scheduled, something very weird took over me. I became very agitated, I had between 5 and 8 panic attacks, I had the second worst fight with my husband of 20 years, and I had an incredible encounter with God.

I had to get tested for the Covid virus, but because of the strange energy of that day, during one of my panic attacks, I made us leave an hour too early for the appointment. To pass the time my husband parked by a wonderful little pond, so full of life. I love nature, so I thought it was a gift from God to me because I have been locked up for so long, while I was languishing in this wonderful happiness, I was overtaken with the presence of God. I told my husband to take pictures around me because I was experiencing something incredible. I was hoping to see something in the pics, so far I haven’t. But let me tell you what happened to me during that encounter,

I was encompassed in a shaft of brilliant white light, the shaft had beautiful intricate decorations on the walls of the light but I couldn’t begin to describe the details, The Big Booming voice that I have heard on so many occasions throughout my life began speaking.

He confirmed to me that we are indeed in the end times. He gave me my mission, I am a messenger. Not THE messenger that was made clear to me. I can only speculate that THE Messenger is on the way.

I don’t know what is coming, but I urge you to turn your families to God. Special emphasize on Saturday as The Sabbath.

Since the spiritual crisis happened to me, many things have taken place in my life, proof positive that what I tell you is true.

We are at the most critical point in our existence. There will be no do-overs.  The reincarnation department has closed. We have had many opportunities to turn to God; this is our last opportunity to turn to him before all hell breaks loose.


I pray that you will heed this warning. I am sharing this with the people closest to me, my loved ones. It is up to you to find the truth in this message. If you feel the truth, please pass it along to your loved ones and people you care about. Yes you might be considered a nut case, but God will reward you for hearing his words and standing up for HIM.  I have experienced HIS glory, and I can tell you there is nothing like it.


I felt this plague coming, I didn’t know what it was, but I told a few people that it would shut down the whole world, that was at least 9 months ago. It has happened. I feel this next Phase, it is so very close, it could be the day after you read this or next month, HE told me it is soon.  I have Faith that God will give us a small window of time to declare ourselves to HIM.


The Good News is


I kid you not, It’s as simple as the Ten Commandments, look at them, search your own heart for your flaws, identify the ones you are breaking, ask God to forgive you, He will. He has promised to. All you have to do is ask. If you don’t know God you will go through the terrible tribulation. I hope none of you do. Your very life is in your own hands right now. Welcome Jesus into your heart.


I would be happy to be wrong on this one, But I’m not. We are at that point in our existence that we must give ourselves to God. 


For those of you who know me, you know the quality of my visions. You know my gifts are from God. He is using me right now to talk to you.


I am strongly impressed that this is a prophesy, I have never delivered a prophesy before, but I’m stepping forward in Faith with it anyway.  Faith that He has sent me to you.


God gave me these gifts for a reason, to share the information. I am just a messenger.


Thank you and may God Bless You All.