What are unseen insights? It is that which comes to us through our internal receptors.

Some call it instinct, some call it intuition, some call it a gut response.


Whatever it truly is, it is our internal compass.


I started this site as a blog just about one year ago. I immediately put up my views on how we are alll spiritual, we just have to learn how to do it. That we are all good and Heaven is whatever you think it is. Care free of my responsibility to God. I thought I wanted to talk about peace and love and how to grow spiritually. Well, I was immediately re-directed. The day I set the site up was the last time I was able to access the Blog page. So I kind of gave up on it. Then a few months ago something happened to me. All of a sudden, I was shaken to my core from DOUBT. Doubt that I had somehow gotten it wrong, and that God was walking away. The loss is almost unbearable, if you have known God and then feel he is dissapointed in you, it can be life changing.


This was a wake up call. He was trying to get my attention. I felt lost, without hope, shaken and shame.


Here I have been going around trying to get everyone to live in the light, of the things I had learned in the new age idealology. We were all ok and could raise our vibrations, blah, blah, blah. You know the speill. You've heard it hundreds of times. Whats wrong with any of that?  It's all positive and uplifting, right? Well yes is sure sounds like it, until you look at the true message. The path leads you to enlightenment and you can become as God. You speak with spirits, angel guides, etc. How do we know these energies are who they say they are?

Since the beginning of the what I call the crisis, I have been pleading with God to show me the error of my ways. And do you know what he showed me? The 10 Commandments.

So naturally, I began a review of my life and what I may be doing wrong or not doing that I needed to be doing. I will be exploring that with you.

I left up my initial post so that you can see the difference in my tone then, and now. I can see the falsehoods that I truely believed in.

God Bless Us All, Amen