So I have been psychic all my life. And I have lived in fear, terror actually. I was certain that the Devil wanted my soul. I have recently found out that I was right.

I have always had a unique relationship with Jesus. I cannot describe it, I just always knew that he was with me. Inside me somehow. But most definately a part of me. He has spoken to me, and one time, He even showed his face to me. I know he is with me. I have always known it.

Until.......The day I didn't feel him. My foundation had been shaken. I don't know what happened to cause this, crisis is what I am calling it. God rocked my world, and I didn't know why. I no longer had that safe security that I always felt and it scared me to my core.

Naturally I immediately began petitioning God to show me the error of my ways. I whole heartedly began researching all the various religions, trying to find my way back to God. I was drawn to the Ten commandments. They are God's law. I was not keeping the Sabbath. Most people don't because the rule of man is you worship on Sunday. God says to Remember the Sabbath and keep it Holy. God's Holy day is Saturday. The Bible is clear on this point.

So I have identified one of the sins that I was commiting. Not keeping the Sabbath. So I made an effort to be mindful of Saturday. Each week, when Saturday rolled around, I was careful to keep my mind and heart on God.

Since I have been keeping Saturday Holy, (only about six weeks now) My strength in God has increased. Yes, increased. My visions are much more realistic now,with full sensations and emotions. I have finally accepted that my spiritual gifts are truly Gifts from God. I never gave them any special signifigance. I just thought everyone was like me, that they just needed a little help to develop thier gifts. I was wrong. God gives the gifts to those he chooses. For the work he has in store for them. He prepares us for our ministries. How arrogant I was. Taking these wonderful blessings for granted.

Usually when I ask God something, I receive the answer pretty quickly and clearly. But I could not understand why Saturday is so critically important. I could not get the answer until....

I called my nephew because he has the word of God in him. He doesn't realize it yet, but he is one of God's deciples. While trying to figure out the importance of the Saturday Sabbath, I had a vision. God gave me the answer. I saw God sitting on his throne. In his lap was his bible. It was glowing. I realized at that moment, that God himself is our minister on Saturday.

Can you imagine his dissapointment when he sees how few of us are showing up to worship with him on Saturday? I felt his sorrow and then I understood.

From this day forward, I will show up for him. I will speak his truths, I will do as he guides me. What he asks of us is minimal, all of us can follow ten simple rules. Obedience is not really that difficult when your soul is at stake.

God recognizes his people. The enemy also recognizes God's people. They are targeted by him, he wants to lead us astray. When the enemy saw that God had a plan for me, the enemy didn't like it. He wanted to thwart God. So he tried to recruit me. I walked down the new age path. I found where it is lacking. God called me back. He awakened me once more.

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