What exactly is an unseen insight? It is your intuition of course. We all have it, it is a natural part of us. I have been a natural psychic since birth. It seems that all of my extra senses were turned to high since the very beginning. I had such a rough time trying to understand it all that I walked an incredible journey of discovery that has brought me here to today. I did not plan this blog, it just came out of me.

An unseen insight is something that comes from within. A hint from your higher self. We all have them. Most of us are too busy to notice the gentle nudges we receive from the universe.

Sometimes the gentle nudges are outright shoves. This has been my life. Outright shoves. In your face kind of stuff that you simply cannot ignore. As soon as I could talk, I became the biggest burden my mother could have imagined. I shared every single nightmare, vision, and instinct that I had. And mostly the instincts were me throwing a tantrum because I absolutely hated the person she brought home for us to meet. I instinctively knew what was in their heart. Of course no one knew it at the time, but even as a small child, I could see right through people.

I grew up tormented with the "psychic" gift, mainly because I didn't know what it was and no one in my immediate world had any experience with that.

As an adult, I found my way. I studied, I researched, I joined various groups that help me work with my unique abilities and I came to embrace all of me. I hope to help you embrace all of you with this blog.

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